Deluxe Vocal Session

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DELUXE session of professional vocals for use on your project for demos, guide vocals, adverts, commercial music releases and more*. This session is ideal for specialist jobs. Includes free consultation and extra features. Just ask if you'd like a specialist singer of a particular genre.

Contact us for customised quote.

Deluxe Vocal Session Includes:

• Professional vocals for use on your project*

• Free Consultation

• Fast turnaround

• Tracks sent as WAV files via FTP to your email inbox.

• Vocals sung to your specification and instruction on one song.

• Up to 6 extra modifications to the vocal

• Simple agreement

• Music industry Session Booking Agreement, detailing exactly what you received including fees paid, release form etc. - useful to protect all parties involved in recording.

To book, choose a total of 5 in any combination from the following list:

1. Lead vocal

2. Guide vocal

3. 2 Tracked vocals (Stacked vocals)

4. 3+ Harmony parts

5. 2+ Ad Lib

6. 1 Spoken/Narrative part

7. 1 Rap/Emcee part

Extra services: Additional Ad lib, vocal and tracked/stacked tracks will cost from $20 per extra track.

Please note, it is possible that due to individual requirements of your booking, you may be required to pay more. This will be decided after your consultation, which we will discuss with you and gain approval first, before moving forward. If you require an in depth session, please choose from either this or the Deluxe Plus session, let us know upon booking, or via or enquiry form, and one of our team will be in touch to help you with your customised booking.
*Buyout fee may apply ** This session is for songs lasting 3 minutes or less

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